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G.O.S.E.'s software development services are focused but not limited to the following fields

  • Embedded Linux, especially in conjunction with the Yocto Project for the build of the OS, and application level software development on the system.

    For example, for the manufacturer of smart wallboxes - the ABL GmbH - G.O.S.E.'s staff administrated and extended a Yocto instance for the build of the Embedded Linux OS for smart wallboxes and helped at applicaton level software development.

  • Web Application Systems on Linux Servers, especially in conjunction with ZOPE.

    For example, for the inventor of MP3 - the Fraunhofer IIS - G.O.S.E.'s staff introduced a knowledge management approach and implemented it as part of a web based intranet, which was also build by G.O.S.E.'s staff.

  • Applications in electrical power engineering.

    For example, for the manufacturer of smart wallboxes - the ABL GmbH - G.O.S.E. has developed, implemented and tested the algorithms of the load management systems for groups with up to 16 charge points per group and clusters of groups with more than 100 charge points per cluster.

G.O.S.E.'s staff has realized projects with following technologies: Apache, Zope, PHP, TFTP, Python, MySQL, MatPlotlib, HTML, CSS as well as Yocto, Java, TCL/TK with Expect, Jenkins, GIT, MariaDB.

G.O.S.E.'s staff has administrated and partly extended linux based servers with OCCP Backends (Steve, gir occpjs), too.

For more details, please get in contact with us.

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